A Learners License, is a restricted license that is given to a person that passed the learners license test.  This learners license is given to a person learning how to drive a motorcycle, car or car towing a trailer but has not yet completed the entire list of requirements to getting a legal driver’s license.

Smiles Driving Academy makes getting your Learners License, fast, easy and convenient. 

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Get your Learners License with Smiles Driving Academy:

Smiles Driving Academy will assist you to get your learners license test booking within 7 to 14 working days.  Smiles Driving Academy offer their students the option of taking their learner license tests in either book written or computer based way.

Smiles Driving Academy provide each of their students a digital copy of the instruction manual as well *test exam papers to work through and study from. ( *Specific to written learners license test. )

Why struggle to get your learners license if you live, work or stay in Pretoria or Centurion areas.  Smiles Driving Academy will be able to assist you! We will assist you with making the booking for your appointment and pick you up on the day for your test!

Get in contact with our team today!

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