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Grow your business this year by following these different business approaches to business development:

Focus your business with MallMoola

Focus your business

Make sure that your market research is up to date. Start by checking that the products and service you offer fulfills your client’s needs and that you have a healthy profit margin for your business.


Try to revise your products or services which are not beneficial to your business. Focus on what takes your business forward and spend less time on products or services that take your focus from making profit.


A really difficult part of focusing your business: Try to remove the customers which are unprofitable or hard to sell to, review your client list and work on a client potential value and see which of your clients is worth the work with regards to profit and focus on them.


List your business on local directories

List your business on local directories

Most business directories have free or paid for options available. You can easily find a business directory by searching the name of your town or province and directories URL.


It is important to get your business listed on your local directories. Making sure that your contact details such as your name, address and phone numbers are listed the same everywhere. This will ensure that Google knows your business and its address for direct Google Searches.  This Search Engine Optimization tactic also helps with local SEO.


Google indexes and ranks business directories higher because of the volume of content that is available on these directories.


Give your business a strong digital footprint by using digital directories.


An example of a paid for business directory would be MallMoola . MallMoola is a digital or online Mall, with a focus on offering business owners and service providers an online platform that could either replace their current website or work with your current website to drive traffic to you and generate online sales and leads.


( In regards to this point, get your free month of MallMoola by sending us your business name and contact information to or visit our Rent a Shop Page on  )


Highlight your Offerings and Promotions with MallMoola

Highlight your Offerings and Promotions

Always keep in mind; you need to let your customers know specials you are running for the month. Send out emails, newsletters, banners or invoice highlights to showcase your promotions or offerings.


If you are making use of digital marketing, you can easily use different platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to run Ad Campaigns that would drive even more traffic to your website, or your ‘specials page’.  Upload your specials as posts and re-share them to relevant Groups that would find interest in your specials.


With a MallMoola shop, you would be able to select up to 3 items to form part of our Featured Items List.  This showcases these products on our main landing pages.   We also offer different advertising packages that include Google AdWord Campaigns with the specific focus of forcing website traffic to your sales pages.


Give a freebie with MallMoola

Give a freebie

You can encourage people to register for your online newsletters or marketing emails by offering something for free.


We all love freebies and this freebie may just encourage potential clients to take advantage of your services.  A client is more likely to use a service provider service or buy their product again in the future if they sampled your product or service over a test phase.


MallMoola loves freebies! Speak to us at the MallMoola head office and find out how you can form part of our marketing campaigns and competitions for the next year.  (Get your free month of MallMoola by sending us your business name and contact information to or visit our Rent a Shop Page on )


Become a Guru with MallMoola

Become a Guru

Clients love useful information about the products or services they are interested in.  New market research shows a greater online research of products and services from potential clients before making the actual purchase or service booking. This new tendency in specifically the South African market is because of business’s opening and closing very quickly.


As a Business Guru, leave useful information and help potential clients to reach their potential by sharing your knowledge and then leading them back to your business’ website offerings. By becoming a trusted advisor to many, they may be keener to try out your product or service.


If a potential client believes that you “Know your story” they will more likely support your service or product.


MallMoola loves sharing tips and tricks! Become a MallMoola Guru and share your business knowledge with our community today. Email us at


By following some of these ways you could be on your way to expanding your business and by adding MallMoola to your business ventures this year, you could reach a community you have never activated before while gaining an online business system that will help your business in many different ways in the future.

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